The Ultimate Sierra Chart Suite For ES and NQ Trading

Institutional-grade Sierra Chartbook tailored for ES & NQ.

Liquidity Heatmap

See large volume trades
Auto pivot daily OHL/settle/VWAP
TPO value area lines
Bid & ask prices
Bookmap style chart
Visualize market liquidity

LTF Candlesticks

Volume sensitive colored candlesticks
Daily VWAP + standard deviations + rolling VWAP
Auto pivot daily OHLC / settle
Previous month/week high & low
Session delta & volume profiles
Momentum breakout indicator

Market Profile (TPO) - Sessions

Split session market profiles - Asia/Europe/US
Market profile stats
Heatmap volume profile
Auto pivot low volume nodes
Session volume profiles & diagonal delta
Value area highlight


Market profiles ETH/RTH
TPO period delta + volume
Volume colored TPO rows
Delta/total/diagonal TPO volume profiles
Auto fib retracement
Sub period midpoint highlight

3-In-1 Footprint Charts

Time Period Footprint
Renko Footprint
3 Column Footprint
Depth of market
Auto plot imbalances
Detailed footprint statistics
Large volume trades

Advanced DOM

See pulling & stacking
Volume profile + POC/VAH/VAL
Daily VWAP
Delta profile auto reset
Last traded bid/ask

70+ Page eBook Course

Complete charts breakdown
Studies explained in-depth
Fully documentation
Auction Market Theory explained
Learn how to use Market Profile
Master Order Flow principles
Footprint strategies

Bonus Items

TPO-ETH/ETH light theme version
ETF tracker
Customized time & sales
Quote board
Weekly/monthly market profiles
Yearly bars chart


Ninjatrader Pro


Complete 5-in-1 Ninjatrader Toolkit

What’s included:
Qdirector Indicator
Qbands Indicator
Qline Indicator
Qdelta Indicator
Custom Renko Bars
In-Depth Training Course
Private Discord Members Area

Sierra Chart Suite


The Complete Sierra Chart ES & NQ Toolkit. One time purchase. No custom studies needed.

What’s included:
Liquidity Heatmap
LTF Candlesticks
Market Profile (TPO) - Sessions & RTH/ETH
3-In-1 Footprint Charts
Advanced DOM
70+ Page eBook Course
Bonus Items

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In-Depth Training Guides & Complete User Manual
70+ Page eBook Course On AMT, Market Profile, and Order Flow
Windows & Mac Compatible
24/7 Support & Lifetime Product Updates

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