How To Flip NFTs In 2022
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May 25, 2023

How To Flip NFTs In 2022

How to flip NFTs for a profit in 2022

Users are flipping NFTs for thousands of dollars in the NFT space. You've probably heard of NFTs and the massive upheaval they're causing in the digital space unless you've been living under a rock. The average monthly trade volume increased from $64 million in the first half of the year to over $750 million in the second.

Now, the celebration is still going strong, with random Twitter users selling artwork for thousands of dollars. Although you may not be able to sell for as much as you would like, the good news is that you may still tune in and earn money in 2022.

But before we get in I would like to welcome you guys back in another video of crypto smooth and do remember one thing that I am not any financial advisor.

So without any delay let’s delve right into it.

You know to be a master of any game one should start from basics and that means to not miss any point so I am going to do the same here.

What Is Flipping?

Flipping is a term used to describe the process of purchasing products at low costs and swiftly selling them for a profit. It's been around since the days of profitably flipping trading cards, toys, and comic books, and we're now witnessing a massive uptick in the NFT arena.

And now you should know why to flip NFTs?

Only valuable items can be flipped, and NFTs have shown to be lucrative, attracting a wide range of investors. 

Aside from owning Bitcoin and altcoins for the long term or making and collecting tokenized art, you could choose to invest in high-volume NFT initiatives for faster profits. Although dangerous, flipping NFTs is a quick approach to increase your portfolio's value.

I hope this is very clear to be understood.

Now moving onwards to the most crucial thing which is how one shall find the best NFts which can be flipped with 100x or at least 10x potential so don’t worry as I got the answer for this too.

Making money in the stock market, like any other financial market, necessitates studying metrics in order to make the best option feasible. In general, people prefer assets that are currently undervalued or are expected to improve in value in the future.

How To Pick Winners

When it comes to NFTs, you need to establish your expertise and conduct thorough research. Animal-themed art, abstract paintings, collectibles, domain names, and even virtual chunks of land are all popular niches.

Three essential metrics, among other things, influence how effectively an NFT project will perform. 

The first consideration is scarcity. Demand is always driven up by scarcity. NFT ventures with a small number of items are considerably more likely to yield a profit.

Then there's the floor price, which is the cheapest price you can get for an item. You should seek out things with cheap floor prices and limited supply.

The third point is Volume because profiting in any market is entirely dependent on liquidity. You want to pitch your investments to platforms that have a significant volume of trade. There's a good chance you'll find collectors eager to purchase your stuff soon.

These are very crucial things to consider and if you miss one of these you may get into the wrong one and that will result in losing money rather than getting profits by flipping NFTs.

Then after learning about all these the next thing is where to find these projects? Which platforms to use for better services and interactions!

As a result, NFT platforms are effective at directing users to potentially hot assets. When considering purchasing, check out AirNFTs' "Top Artists" and "Exclusive Drops" sections, for example. OpenSea's Rankings and Activity pages can offer some insight into potentially fantastic projects.

After these mediums, there are social media, which is obviously utilized to generate buzz, and you can find a lot of promising or impending initiatives on Twitter. Thanks to social media, Free Alpha is now available everywhere. 

Artists and well-known NFT influencers frequently announce new projects on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and Instagram. It's a good idea to keep an eye on their pages. NFT platforms also have social media accounts where they frequently promote the initiatives of their users.

Highest Potential Web3 / NFT Projects

Let me add some of the highest potential NFT projects here too that may help you but don’t consider it financial advice and do your own research before getting into one of them.

The first is Decentraland, which, as the name implies, is a decentralized virtual reality hub powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It gives consumers the ability to curate and monetize apps and content. Users may buy virtual plots, trade unique digital items, create bespoke avatars, and much more with Decentraland.

To participate in Decentraland, users will need NFTs and fungible tokens. Users must be able to connect to a crypto wallet via a web browser in order to create their new avatar. 

Consider it a virtual passport that serves as a representation of a user's virtual identity. Users can buy MANA tokens from numerous crypto exchanges to purchase land and other assets in Decentraland.

So I suppose buying one of its NFT will not be a bad deal.

There is also the Codex project. To authenticate and verify NFTs, Codex is another decentralized blockchain-based title registry.

This platform has made it easier for NFT artists to create a collectible record that can be shared digitally.

Through Codex Viewer, interested purchasers can verify the identity of the seller and check the ownership history. It's a simple method that gives NFT collectors more assurance that the items they're buying are genuine.

You can also try one of the NFTs from the Codex project.

Finally, NBA's Top Shot is a bespoke blockchain-based software that facilitates collector item trade.

Top Shot is one of the NFT experiments that helped to establish NFTs as a mainstream technology in 2021. Since its inception, the blockchain-based platform has been shown to be suitable for exchanging a variety of items.

The Top Shot app is built on the Flow blockchain rather than Ethereum. The Top Shot app's NFTs feature noteworthy game moments and video plays, as well as play statistics and trading history. This means you can acquire an NBA’s NFT and sell it to the fan of the moment you got an NFT for whatever he is willing to pay.

Isn’t it cool? There are a lot of such projects for multiple games so search for yourself to earn.

So now after learning all of this, I'm sure you realize that flipping NFTs is an easy operation.

However, you will require a Web3 compliant wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet. You can use the in-app browser to access numerous NFT platforms after paying your account.

As I previously stated, AirNFTs is an excellent spot to begin your flipping career. Thanks to our ever-growing and active community, you may buy NFTs for extremely little gas fees and make a considerable fortune from them.

When it comes to selling, knowing when to sell as a flipper is critical. While that decision is exclusively yours, it is critical to keep track of the project's volume and recognition while also making sure to move on to other initiatives.

Final Thoughts

So finally my expectations for NFTs in 2022 are very high since their ability to integrate with decentralized finance will serve as the foundation for future projects. 

Furthermore, blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Dai, and Polygon will provide more assistance and copyright management for NFT management projects. 

To establish and raise the value of NFTs, more NFT projects will allow crowdsourcing and assessments. Furthermore, value-driven NFT ventures will become the focus of attention, giving investors more exposure.

NFT auctions will also continue to gain popularity, bringing blockchain use closer to the mainstream. In reality, the future of NFTs will propel the DeFi industry forward. As a result, it will increase the value of rare collectibles and approved art, so stock up while you can.